The Project

In 2014, Joseph started to work on his project to row across the ocean. During his three years of preparation, he followed the great steps of a project preparation and completed, with his teammate, a first crossing in 2017.



During his preparation, he collected a lot of information about this sport and contacted many ocean rowers to get suggestion, acquire knowledge and be ready for every situation.

Journey 4 days journey on the St-Lawrence river to get ready for the ocean


Departure : Saint-Jean-Port-Joli (Québec) - June   Arrival : Matane - July


Goal : Test the boat and Joseph's capacity to row during a long journey.

The Importants steps

Summer 2016

First ocean crossing in team : Joseph (20 years old) and Brian (25 years old)

Departure : Saint-Jean-Terre-Neuve, June the 13th Arrival : A storm makes the team rescued two days before the end

Goal : Test Joseph's capacity to row across an ocean before the solo adventure

Summer 2017

Second time rowing across an ocean for Joseph


Departure : St-John's (Newfoundland) Arrival : Noirmoutier (Vendée)


Goal : Become the youngest ocean rower on the North Atlantic and break the time record.

Summer 2019

Joseph Gagnon

Traversée océanique à la rame



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